Vintage Coat Racks

Went to my parent’s house over the weekend and saw an old coat rack that my mom’s about to dispose. i remembered bookmarking this link, and you now know that i hauled off that vintage rack to my own home:

Coat Rack Ideas

The Joys of Re-purposing 🙂


The Truth About That Dark Ring on the Neck and Diabetes

The internet and social media has long been a source of many information, especially medical. We have read thousands of posts that talk about signs and symptoms and other information about different health conditions only to find out that they are hoaxes.

Today, we are going to give light to another photo that has been circulating for a couple of years on Facebook, about a certain sign of the medical condition diabetes: that dark ring around the neck.

Is it really true that it is a sign of diabetes, or is it just another sensational “misinformation” or old wives tale that has reached the social media?

First of all, let us define what Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is. We are going to explain this disease in the simplest way possible. As a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian, we define Diabetes mellitus as simple as the inability of the body to metabolize (or breakdown) sugar. It may be caused by the pancreas’ inability to produce insulin, or when the pancreas cannot make enough insulin or both. Insulin, by the way, is the hormone that helps our body utilize the sugar in the food we eat.

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